COVID – 19 took the world by storm and shook everyone’s souls. Healthcare professionals are at the forefront of this battle. Healthcare systems and personnel are being overstretched and overwhelmed.

The intricacies of the battle are being sorted and plans are being put in place. At a time like this, the policymakers and planners should keep the safety of healthcare workers as the top priority. The pandemic may pass eventually, but to keep the integrity of healthcare systems intact once that happens, we need every soldier at the start of the battle to be there at the other end to rebuild and reconstruct.

The whole of mankind is left in a state of panic and confusion and yet, Samarptians are going out of their way to ease everyone’s pain. We reached the slums of Dehradun to increase awareness about COVID – 19 and teach the less informed about the prevention methods. Our team risked their life to save the lives of others by providing free health check-up program and are also providing with food and livelihood in Dehradun slums. Our experts talked to COVID – 19 positive patients and counselled them to cope up with the harsh situations. We will never give up and keep working towards making a better and safer country. Till then, stay home, stay safe!

This is our appeal to colleagues in the war on COVID-19, to be compassionate to their colleagues and juniors and the front line healthcare workers and let us vow to protect every one of them, so that they can continue the services they are known for in the decades to come when this pandemic may hopefully be history.


Samarpan headed by Dr. Geeta played a lead role in Covid 19 vaccination drive. We organized free Vaccination camps, with regular onsite vaccination at UPHC in the slum area were organized on various sites and at our Urban Primary Health Care Centers in Dehradun, Uttarakhand and Ganganagar Rajasthan. We have vaccinated more than 1,15,000 people in last 09 months.


With the advent of Second Wave, there was a shortages of hospital beds, oxygen cylinders and other medicines in Uttarakhand. Our state had reached to the 4th position in the country in terms of Covid19 cases load. Dehradun being the capital of Uttarakhand had the highest number of Covid patients. To handle the situation, Samarpan, NGO in Uttarakhand, took an initiative and establish Covid Care Centre, a hundred bedded facility at Harawala, Dehradun with the support of ONGC. The facility was inaugurated by AYUSH minister Dr. Haraksingh Rawat Ji. Thirty Oxygen concentrators were donated by the Students of Singapore Universities (SUMO) and these were delivered at home of those in need during the period of crises of second wave.


Team Samarpan was full of Corona Warriors during the tie when the covid-19 pandemic was in full swing. Samarpan, NGO in Uttarakhand, took the initiative to provide the public with primary healthcare through our covid care centres, vaccination camps and door-to-door vaccination drives. In our vaccinations camps at the UPHC in Dehradun’s slum area and other sites, we ensured most people received vaccines. Our efforts were appreciated by the then Honourable Chief Minister Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat. With the government, we provided relief to those in need during the time of covid-crisis.

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