Adolescent Reproductive & Sexual Health (ARSH)

Samarpan, NGO In Dehradun pioneered the Adolescent Health programme for the State of Uttarakhand under USAID and GOI RCH funding. In the year 2009 , the state of Uttrakhand decided to initiate the project, in four districts initially and later expanded to all the 13 districts of the state under the stewardship of SAMARPAN Society guide Margdarshika” was also designed for the block implementing agencies to know the implementation process of the activities and the formats related to data.

Convergance–  Convergence was successfully done with the other linked departments and with PRI members

Samarpan Society took over the reigns of the adolescent program as the technical and nodal mother NGO for the State of Uttarakhand in the Year 2010. The role-out planning of Adolescent health activities, trainings of all the Medical ,Paramedical and Adolescent Gate Keepers was under taken by the agency with a record of more than 95% coverage, which was the highest for any State in INDIA implementing the ARSH program. 

Monitoring and Evaluation As a Nodal Agency Samarpan Society evaluated and monitored the implementation of the program on the regular basis .Arrange and coordinated review meetings with State Officials and implementing NGO working at Block level for improvising and up-scaling of the program. 

Roles & Responsibilities Capacity Building: Samarpan, NGO In Dehradun, was responsible for the capacity building of all the implementing agencies at the block level, Medical Officers, ANM, ASHA, Pharmacist, and DIET Trainers

BCC and IEC Developed BCC and IEC material for the ARSH program, especially developed training module for ASHA worker under ARSH program. 

Some Unique Innovation 

Adolescent Friendly Centres (Club): Adolescents approach : for group meetings, counseling, to attend sessions on ARSH, Educational Materials, Sports items and other recreational activities

ARSH Helpline: Toll Free Help Line 18001801200 (8 am to 8 pm) for all week days. Covering Issues on Career counseling, Sexual Health, STI/HIV, Nutrition, Scholastic Issues, Social issues. Fixed days for specific issues addressed by trained professionals. 

“Swasth Kishore Awam Swasth Samaaj” based training for degree college students by Task Force. 

Uni-sex PGE Kit: 5 Modules, Flip Charts, knowledge building games, models of male/female organs, Moti-Mala. 

IEC CampaigningTyaar Ho”.


The main objectives of the public – private partnership under NUHM for urban health plan are.

  • To provide integrated and sustainable system for primary health care delivery with focus on urban poor living in slums and other health vulnerable groups in Dehradun.
  • To strengthen linkages between community and primary level health facilities and referral system form primary to secondary stage. To improve health status of urban poor through increased coverage of key reproductive child health services and adoption of healthy behaviours.


Women Empowernment & Social Support ONE STOP CENTRE (OSC) :-Support women affected by violence, in private & public spaces, within the family, community and at the workplace. Aggrieved women facing any kind of violence, sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, trafficking, honor related crimes, acid attacks or witch hunting who have reached or been referred to the OSC will be provided with specialized services 24×7. The OSC is integrated with 181 helpline. Women affected by violence and in need of redressal services are referred to OSC.

Child Rights:- Samarpan NGO in Dehradun is the lead empanelled agency with the Uttarakhand Child Right Commission. Samarpan being led by Paediatrician and Adolescent Health Activist is a natural ally for all Child Reform agencies.


To Keep our promise of getting with the community and advocacy mission, samarpan NGO in Dehradun has conducted awareness campaigns and training of PR institutions on health issues, Rights, Functioning and Dialogue building. 


One of the predominant skill or training that one must have is Disaster Management Training. Uttarakhand, being a disaster prone state, makes it even more important for every resident to have the idea or knowledge to cope up with various kind of calamities that might transpire, without losing the calm. Awareness and Training programs such as capacity building of on-ground partners is an essential aspect of the work we do here at Samarpan NGO in Dehradun. Joining hands with the Department of Disaster Mitigation and Management Centre, Uttarakhand, we conducted sessions on Disaster Mitigation in the district of Vikasnagar with Mahila Aarogya Samitis and Yuva Mangal Dal in the district. Every life holds some meaning for us, and out team works indefinitely towards making sure that each one of them is safe.


National Women Helpline:- 181, a toll free helpline since its inception, has been reaching out 24×7 to women in distress across Uttarakhand. The helpline commenced functioning in collaboration with the women and child welfare and home departments provides both emergency and non emergency support 24 hours to the aggrieved women. SAMARPAN Society in association with Women and Child Development Department, Government of Uttarakhand launched National Women Helpline – 181.

Malnutrition Call Centre Uttarakhand :-  Calls were made through the Call Center to Aganwadi Workers for taking information about the weight and health of the malnourished children. Based on this information, advice was given about the nutritious meals/food for the malnourished children.

HIV AIDS Helpline :-  The Helpline was funded by USACS (Uttarakhand State Aids Control Society) for creating awareness to the people of Uttarakhand. The helpline undertakes the queries and creates awareness to the caller regarding HIV AIDS. 

MGNREGS CallCentre:- In order to facilitate unskilled labour of Uttarakhand, the Department of Rural Development planned to provide services by opening a Call Centre for the rural people of Uttarakhand , where people can directly interact for their Queries, Demand for Work and Grievances. The Call Centre got operationalized w.e.f 1st June 2017. 

RKSK Helpline: A toll free counselling helpline for the adolescents was started within the State Adolescent Health Resource Centre of the SNA. This innovative idea was appreciated by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, which was later adapted by the other states. The Uttarakhand Adolescent toll free number is 1800-180-1200. This is a 4 terminal helpline where the calls are attended between 08:00 AM till 08:00 PM seven days a week by these 6 tele – counsellors. The operationalization of this Helpline was done by us from its inception (Dec 2011) till Jan 2015. 

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