It was perceived by us, that there was only one open shelter home in Dehradun city for children, which was not sufficient for the large numbers of homeless children, pavement dwellers, street and working children and child beggars, left on their own and in need of care and support. These children are involved in rag picking; pick pocketing and participating in anti social, criminal activities. To envisage these children mains treaming by providing care, support and protection. Samarpan, child and women NGO in Dehradun, established an open Shelter home for the children from 05 years to 18 Years of age

We identify street children through our volunteers, citizens, police, women & child welfare department. We Preview the incoming street child problems/difficulties. We counsel and arrange for Emotional acceptance of the orphan / semi orphan/ street child. We arrange basic teaching facilities at shelter Home according to their age. We also provide nutrition, recreation and health care. Project “Smiley” an initiative started by Uttarakhand police, for the missing people in Uttarakhand. Samarpan supported Uttarakhand Police in the said program. Total of 13 missing children found under this project were facilitated at our Shelter home. 



Beneficiaries till date, by Operating open shelter home for disadvantage, rescue children’s under the guideline of ICPS, Govt. of India.

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