One of the predominant skill or training that one must have is Disaster Management Training. Uttarakhand, being a disaster prone state, makes it even more important for every resident to have the idea or knowledge to cope up with various kind of calamities that might transpire, without losing the calm. Awareness and Training programs such as capacity building of on-ground partners is an essential aspect of the work we do here at Samarpan NGO in Dehradun. Joining hands with the Department of Disaster Mitigation and Management Centre, Uttarakhand, we conducted sessions on Disaster Mitigation in the district of Vikasnagar with Mahila Aarogya Samitis and Yuva Mangal Dal in the district. Every life holds some meaning for us, and out team works indefinitely towards making sure that each one of them is safe.



Beneficiaries by providing Training on Disaster Management and Mitigation for SHG’s, MMD, YMD and School Children’s.

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