International Women’s Day: Samarpan’s analysis and commitment towards Women Empowerment

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International Women’s Day: Samarpan’s analysis and commitment towards Women Empowerment

As we slip into the next century, the term ‘women empowerment’ has developed into a vast vision that is ever-expanding. However, such is the need of the hour, it also requires us to raise this issue in the best ways possible. Samarpan as its name suggests is a sincerely dedicated, ever-evolving, Non Government Organisation that has established itself as an ideal establishment.

Much has been said about the root of the issue and certain facts need to be talked about more. People often tend to blame patriarchy for the current abode. Certainly, it is in the roots. However, not only has it become an unacceptable situation for women. Men have also been creating epitomes of success in developing new methods to solve the problems. In response to this, we hear a success story every day.

Every year, every day, every minute a woman is making amazing development in herself. The best part about this is that as we look forward, for as long as we are committed to this, we have an amazing vision to achieve. At the same rate, it won’t belong to achieve what we have in mind. A world where she can smile. A world where she can dream.

There is a different side to a coin. Often at Samarpan, we have witnessed cases where the reality is a dark void.
NGOs in Uttarakhand have always been credited and awarded for their work. This is the progressive thinking of one of those areas that require a lot of work to be done. The hills have witnessed Gaura Devi and many revolutionary personalities over these years. The approach has been excellent.
We have conducted education environment programs and worked with the victims in cases. At Samarpan, we are working on this as our major priority. We have rewritten some of the darkest stories into tales of courage and a symbol of independence. A contribution to such commitment is a unique humanitarian experience that brings inner joy and motivation.

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