Trafficking of a child refers to the exploitation of the girls and boys for the most part it is sexual exploitation and forced labour. Our child Ngo in Dehradun, Samarpan Society works day and night to rescue children and provide them with a better life.

According to the reports of the National Human Rights Commission of India, 40,000 children are abducted every year for their trafficking and around 11,000 children remain untraced.

If we look at the worldwide statistics, 27% of all the human trafficking victims are children among which 2 out of 3 are girl children.

Reasons for human trafficking can be anything such as:


Child trade by a family member or acquaintance.

And sometimes abusers lure poverty-stricken people of false promises of providing better life and education.

On the contrary, the reality is these trafficked children are kept in slave-like conditions. They are not provided with even basic human needs like food, shelter and clothes.

Predominantly, the trafficked children are used for sexual exploitation (especially girls) and labour that includes domestic subjugation, removal of organs, prostitution, agriculture work, factory work and mining.

Remember these physically challenging tasks are done by children under 14 years of age. It’s a hard pill to swallow! Thus, the best child Ngo in Dehradun leaves no stone unturned to liberate each child trapped in such practices.

The most vulnerable bracket to this kind of human exploitation is the refugees and migrants who are blackmailed and preyed upon in the idea of better future living.

The important question is how can we save the children?

The answer lies in prevention, protection and prosecution.

To prevent child trafficking our Ngo in Dehradun raise awareness through local campaigns and by educating people about the issue.

In order to maximise the effort of preventing child trafficking join the best child Ngo in Dehradun to start saving children on a local level and retore their dignity from whatever they have survived. They might need rehabilitation to move past the traumas they’ve dealt with during their horrific childhood. This is how we can protect them.

And finally, the improvement in law enforcement and stringent laws against child abusers may stop and scare these evils of childhood.

CHILD TRAFFICKING IS A HORRENDOUS CRIME AND IT EATS ALIVE THE CHILDHOOD OF A CHILD. Support us in fighting for this noble cause and join the best child Ngo in Dehradun to save our younger generation from these social evils like child trafficking.

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