What are the preventive measures to keep you safe from acid attack?


What are the preventive measures to keep you safe from acid attack?

‘Splash’! How do you associate yourself with this noise? A toddler’s boots in the puddle, or a trickle of cool water on ice but for many women, the sound of ‘splash’ sends shock waves marking a new direction in their life, the splash of acid. At Samarpan, the best NGO in Dehradun we reach out to women and children to provide them support, safety, and recovery from the trauma, abuse, neglect, and family violence they have gone through. In this blog, we would like to give some precautionary measures about how a female can prevent herself from the splash of acid on the body.

1)      Beware of stalkers

A stalker can be someone from your neighborhood, from your office, or someone from your locality. Stalkers are never predictable they can be someone who you have never expected to be and that is what leads to dangerous outcomes later. Be it a woman, school-going girl, college student, this can happen with anyone. A stalker is someone who silently follows you and gets to know your daily routine like where you go, who do you meet, at what time of the day you are alone or surrounded by friends, and much more. You can avoid being stalked if you stay alert or sense someone following you, in such cases, you can even dodge the stalker leaving him confused and distracted.

2)      Understand the early signs

We often tend to underestimate people, and that is probably the biggest mistake we commit. According to a survey 90 % of acid attacks take place in case of one-sided love. So make sure you understand the early behavioral signs of a person, At Samarpan, the best NGO in Dehradun we think you must keep certain things in mind if he frequently messages you in spite of several refusals, tries to follow you without your notice, does not ignore these signs and make sure you discuss such incidents with family or someone you trust.

3)      Avoid sharing personal information to strangers

In the wake of a casual conversation, many women often have a tendency to share their personal information, though you are sharing it with someone you trust, there are chances that a stranger seated next to you or someone who has been watching you for a long time might get easy access to your personal bio which can be harmful.

4)      Immediate action

Never wait for the end because the story of an acid attack survivor never has a happy ending but always a sad beginning, the life of an acid attack survivor is tough. At Samarpan, one of the renowned NGO in Dehradun, we advise women to take immediate action by filing a police complaint if they come across any unprecedented situation.

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