What Is An NGO And It’s Role?

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What Is An NGO And It’s Role?

The term NGO was first introduced in article 71 of the United Nation charter in 1945. Non-governmental organization abbreviated as NGO are typically non-profit entities that work for social causes and are not under any governmental influence but can receive government fundings for the greater good. Our NGO works for causes like environmental, social, advocacy and human rights work but it is not limited to only these causes.

Be a part of the best NGO in Dehradun and work with us for the development of society and the improvement of communities.

There are uncontrolled economic inequality and people are still striving to get basic necessities like food, clothes, health facilities, home and education. Here’s when the role of an NGO comes in, our NGO helps and serves to fill the gaps left by the government by working for improving the lives of marginalized communities.

Now we shall discuss the role of an NGO in Indian society:

  • Ngo’s touch the part of communities that are untouched by the government schemes. For example, educating the section of society which do not get the chance of enjoying benefits provided by the government such as women’s education. Work with the best NGO in Dehradun and help in educating women.
  • These organizations try to eliminate gender inequality. Women, in general, face a lot of problems personally and professionally, such as no right to education, forceful marriage and limitations on working outside the home. Therefore, our NGO tries to fight these evil ideologies by spreading awareness through our campaigns. We recently conducted a menstrual health campaign for women and educated them about sanitary hygiene.
  • The non-profit organizations also work for saving the environment and natural resources. As nowadays the world is overusing natural resources for their selfish motives without thinking about the consequences, Ngo’s keep notice of such activities and work for saving the environment as well because overutilization of resources results in health problems and calamities.
  • The rise in industrial development leads to displacement of people which results in homelessness. The best NGO in Dehradun provides shelter to such people and takes care of all the legal processes.
  • Social evils like gender inequality, untouchability, racial and religious discrimination are some other causes that the non-government organizations work towards and spread awareness in people with the right ideologies.

The more people, especially youth will participate in eliminating these social issues the more progress our nation will observe. Volunteer with us and help society be free from all the negative social concerns. Be an example of humanity and help society to meet the social goals for its development.

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