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Menstruation is not a problem; poor menstrual hygiene is.

In our country and other developing countries, women’s menstrual health is still taboo, still, people are unaware of the many facets of this biological process that women go through every month. Our women NGO in Dehradun does everything to aware people more of menstrual health, especially young girls and underprivileged women.

It is a natural process which in the first place should not be taboo or a thing to hide. Our work includes to aware people and helps people in need. Hence, we make sure as much as we are enlightening women about their menstrual health, we also inform other genders about this issue as they are a part of society who either support or neglect the whole situation.

People who’ve been part of the best women NGO in Dehradun or are in some sort of association with us for a while know how important it is to educate people about these issues.

Today, our women NGO have been educating people all across the city through our campaigns on what menstruation is, how does it affect women and what kind of care and hygiene a woman needs. We are educating men also about these issues just so that women get the necessary support.

Education is the key here that will ultimately eliminate this social evil from our lives.

We invite local leaders to show support for women, together we can fight these issues, alone no one can. Therefore, the collective support we receive as the best women NGO in Dehradun from all of you is immeasurable.

Apart from educating people we also help women by providing them with the essentials for menstrual health like sanitary napkins, etc., we spread awareness about the importance of hygiene especially during their menstrual days.

Young girls and women, especially in the rural areas are deprived of even the basic things like sanitary napkins and a proper sanitation area. So, in that condition first, our Ngo in Dehradun help women and then educate them and their families about their rights.

We put in all the efforts to improve women’s menstrual health and hope you will also join us in eliminating this taboo from our society. Women will be empowered if today we decide to just open our minds and not think conservatively. We hope our articles are helping people think from a different point of view from where every gender seems equal and the world seems a bit nicer.

We have the power as a society to bring change, as the best women NGO in Dehradun, we are here to induce the change so be a part of Samarpan and we ensure together we can bring a positive change.

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