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In India, winters can be harsh. Predominantly, in Northern India, the cold season is marked by freezing temperatures that can hinder the shedload of regular activities that people do. Having said that, some so many needy people lack basic necessities such as shelter, warm clothes or even clothes, food and other basic facilities. To help them, our top NGO in Dehradun puts a lot of effort into our relief campaigns for their upliftment.

Just for a moment, try to step in their shoes and imagine how difficult it must be to live life without the bare minimum. We can never understand what it’s like to sleep without a roof over the head on a chilly winter night.

Therefore, in today’s write up, we will tell you about plenty of ways you can help the needy and get their blessings.

If you can’t take out time to do all these things, simply visit the NGO near you and contribute in some way there to help the needy.

That being said, let’s ponder over the ways you can help needy people this winter:-

–      Donate clothes. Give your warm clothes that are still in good condition like jackets, pants, pullovers, sweatshirts, caps, gloves, etc. If you can donate new sets to children, it would be great as well.

–      Donate shoes. Shoes are such an essential in winter for normal people, but in our country, we still have people who can’t buy shoes. Give your old shoes that are not too rugged to the poor. You can donate shoes and clothes to any NGO in Dehradun as they house plenty of needy people who can use your stuff in winter.

–      Distribute food items. You can distribute basic staples such as dal, rice, porridge, biscuits, bread and much more to the hungry. The people who live on the roads remain hungry for days. B feeding them, you will only receive blessings.

–      Not all can provide shelter to the needy due to our own financial limitations, but we can surely provide simple things like blankets. If you have extra blankets at home, give that to a roadside person and protect them from cold.

–      Contribute to an NGO. There are different ways you can contribute to the betterment of the underprivileged by giving funds, volunteering and personal help now and then. If you live in Dehradun, you can reach out to the top NGO in Dehradun city, as they help needy locals.

We hope you took away something from the article that will help a needy person. You can also connect with our top NGO in Dehradun, Samarpan Society, to aid the needy this winter. Help people around you because WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS!

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