Fight Against Malnutrition

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Fight Against Malnutrition

Malnutrition is a major global challenge for attaining sustainable goals. There’s hunger and surely already malnutrition in India and other underdeveloped countries all across the world.

India ranked 100 out of 118 countries with serious hunger issues as reported in the 2017 Global Hunger Index (GHI).

India alone is burdened with half of the world’s childhood wasting. Wasting is when a person has unusually low body weight for their corresponding height and is also a strong reason behind the increasing child mortality rate. This affects mostly children under 5 years of age if they are undernourished. You can lend a helping hand to these children by volunteering with the best child NGO in Dehradun and at least start with helping children of your city.

For bringing improvement, greater resources are vital and the state government must maximizes its current spending for nutrition fulfilment. Streamlined and multi-sectoral nutrition strategies can bring forward visible improvements.

Together with the best women and child NGO in Dehradun, we can win the fight against malnutrition by applying proven approaches like addressing malnutrition in the first 2 years of childbirth. The period between conception up till 2 years of children age are crucial and by providing them with nutritional food we can help them prevent stunting.

Stunted is irreversible and can be a reason for death in young children who are malnourished. The weaker immune system, lower cognitive capacity affects a child’s life so it becomes highly important to nourish them with nutrition in the early stages of their life.

Being at the best child NGO in Dehradun you can also help us with social, healthcare and educational programs that focus more on improving nutritional values, for example, encouraging children to attend a school where they can also get meals for their nutritional fulfilment.

If one can not work with the NGO’s due to lack of time, one can always donate funds for helping children. you can also donate to the best women and child NGO in Dehradun who is already working for this noble cause and fighting against malnutrition.

Invest in social welfare and help people working in the best child NGO in Dehradun to educate the volunteer or mothers about nutrition and the significance it holds in the development of their child. Many mothers living in rural areas do not understand the health and nutritional values they and their children need, help us in spreading awareness about malnutrition so that one day we can pull out and throw these evil challenges like malnutrition from India.

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