Top 5 Issues Which Children Struggle With In India

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Top 5 Issues Which Children Struggle With In India

India has showcased tremendous human development growth in the last two decades. However, considering the size of India’s population, we still have a long way to go to improve the condition of underprivileged children. Our Ngo in Dehradun, The Samarpan Society, forges ahead to help those children suffering from social issues.

We have to still work for the betterment of children aggressively and take concrete measures to eliminate all the issues haunting our country’s children.

India still has to address problems like malnutrition, child mortality, health and much more.

In today’s write-up, we’ll discuss the top five issues from which children suffer in India.

1- Health issues.

Under the age of 5 years, most children die of diarrhoea and malnutrition. These issues occur due to poor hygiene and poor nutrition. It leads to infection resulting in depletion of minerals in a child’s body and loss of appetite, respectively. In India, every 20 seconds, a child dies of diseases that are preventable like pneumonia, preterm birth complications, diarrhoea and malaria. According to NFHS, 25 million children in India has a low weight to height ratio. One-third of wasted children live in India’s slums and rural areas.

2- Child mortality issues.

India has the most cases around the globe in child mortality. In 2015 alone, 1.2 million child deaths were reported. Another study tells that around 1.83 million children lose their life before the age of 5 years. Join the best child NGO in Dehradun to help those needy children and give them a new life.

3- Lack of opportunity for education.

Education is something India is still working on. Primary education is the basis for a higher literacy rate which gets compromised in many rural parts of our country. Girl child suffers more when it comes to their education. Because not only do they need investment for education, but also the support of family members. Our NGO in Dehradun rescue children and make sure they get the basic facilities of health and shelter as well as access to education.

4- Child exploitation.

Even today, children are enslaved by social evils such as human sex trafficking, child labour, domestic help etc. More than 12 million children still work for industries and factories to earn a basic wage for survival. Our NGO has provided shelter to many victims who fell for these hazardous social issues.

5- Child abuse.

Under the umbrella of child abuse, violence and sexual abuse are the most prevalent. Children abuse in India is like an epidemic plaguing our society. We must protect the children from these issues on our level, and stringent laws must be enforced to punish the abusers. Child sex abuse leaves no nook and corner. It occurs in all levels of economic status, geographies and even all relationships. All this has led to child homicide and child depression in the past.

An end to these dirty issues will come with strict law enforcement and first-order punishments. While the government is working towards this cause, we all can support NGO’s that are fighting for underprivileged children. Play your part, and support the best child NGO in Dehradun. You never know whose life you can save with just a little support.

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