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As the best NGO in Dehradun, Samarpan is committed to improving the everyday lives of women and children in Dehradun. Today, we would like to share the essence of empowering the girl child in a progressive society.

Empowering can be said as the process of becoming stronger and more confident. Today’s girls are the women of tomorrow. Empowering a girl child means empowering every aspect of her identity, from getting to know her likes to letting her make her own decisions. To empower them, inequality and gender gaps must be reduced, which will result in making strong women leaders and ensure the future against the absenteeism of women leaders in different socio-political and economical sectors of the country.

Being the best women and child NGO in Dehradun, we believe that girls are not inferior to boys, but what are they getting from society? The undeniable truth is that a lot of girls never get what they truly deserve. Gender biases, child marriage, poor health, and sanitation are some of the numerous problems that continue to cause trouble for girls while lack of education stands as the biggest problem to date.

Of all the uneducated children, the number of girls is always high in ratio as compared to boys. This ultimately interprets a higher number of women being illiterate, compared to men. The provision of basic education is an assurance to girls being given greater personal power and independence. This ability is a basic necessity and it should not be treated as a luxury. The lack of education prevents many girls from knowing their rights which widens the gap between them and their dreams.

When you educate a girl child, you are educating a generation. Empowered and educated girls mean happier and healthier families. Empowered and educated girls have healthier and better-educated children and are the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Empowered and educated girls are more likely to participate in the formal labor market. Empowered and educated girls strengthen economies by ensuring that the community/nation is on a path of development.

We at Samarpan, best women and child NGO ensure that every child is empowered in every possible way, to have a bright future and achieve their dream. People with the same ideologies are always welcomed at Samarpan to support the cause and strive forward in keeping Samarpan as the top NGO in Dehradun.

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