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For a peaceful living, social justice is a fundamental idea that says, ‘in terms of wealth, health, justice, well-being and opportunity everyone should have equal access.” 

But are we all equally enjoying the concept of social justice?

Many NGOs likes ours are fighting for social justice in India. The team of our NGO in Dehradun puts all the efforts to eliminate social injustice and help people. You can volunteer with us as well to bring a positive change in our society by joining the NGO, Samarpan.

Our constitution states the basic objectives of providing social, economic and political justice to all its citizens. When it comes to acting on these stated social objectives it becomes very hard to bring justice and equality for a country with a population of more than 130 crores.

It is hard to reach each life and provides justice to them. Here comes our role to reach helpless people.

To achieve social justice in India, the government and all of us need to address the issues that people face because of caste, gender, religion, culture etc.

Our NGO in Dehradun believes, the foundation of social justice is the presence of peace and security in the country. The acknowledgement of human rights and fundamental freedom is just as important. Luckily, in India, we have a strong foundation to build upon a strong building of social justice for all.

If you turn back the pages of history, you’ll find that these social evils took birth a long time ago in the form of female suppression, female foeticide, caste discrimination, dowry, domestic violence, sex-selective abortions, honour killing, child marriage, socioeconomic inequalities etc.

All these issues enhanced inequalities and lack of opportunities for females in the terms of opportunity and social status.

Samarpan works for oppressed women who are unaware of their rights. Empower women by joining the best NGO in Dehradun, Uttarakhand and work with our team for their better future.

Despite women being granted equality by the constitutional and legal provisions, it’s still hard to eliminate these social evils from the roots.

You must be thinking, will we be able to achieve social justice in India ever? The simple answer to this is ‘yes, we can.’

We must keep a positive attitude and put in positive efforts to bring change every day in our society. Small steps and legal abolition of inequalities relating to caste, religion, economic status etc can help us achieve the India we dream about. Volunteer with the best NGO in Dehradun, Uttarakhand and lend your helping hand to the part of society that needs it.

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