Immunisation has helped majorly in achieving global health and development goals. Routine vaccination schedules reduce the chances of getting many deadly diseases out there, by building a strong defence system in your body. Our NGO in Dehradun Samarpan works day and night to get as many adults and children vaccinated as possible. It is necessary for protection against many diseases that causes millions of deaths each year. If you want to be a part of a bigger cause then do volunteer with us.

Routine vaccination programmes start right from the time when the baby is born. Up to the age of two years, a child has to receive a lot of vaccines for preventing deadly diseases.

Today, because of vaccination can prevent at least 20 life-threatening diseases.

If you get your child’s vaccination done on time, you can prevent diseases like diphtheria, pertussis, measles, tetanus and influenza, etc.

We believe that vaccination is primary health care and a basic human right that everyone deserves. Therefore, do participate in our vaccination campaigns and take full advantage of the health services you are getting.

Now, let’s understand in seven simple points the importance of vaccination for our health.

  1.  Vaccination can save your child’s life. An infant has a weak immune system which makes them more susceptible to diseases. Getting your newly born vaccinated can keep him/her healthy for a long time.
  2. It prevents terrible diseases like Polio. If you do not vaccinate your child they can suffer through painful experiences like paralysis, amputation of limbs or hospitalization.
  3. Vaccination can save a lot of money. As the best NGO in Dehradun, we understand that underprivileged people can’t afford costly treatments. So, getting vaccination done not only prevents disease but also save money that can be spent if you don’t get the vaccination done.
  4. In the past, immunisation has eradicated disease. Because vaccination saves the whole community. It stops the transmission and with time and consistent effort many diseases disappear.
  5. Getting vaccinated helps in the long run. Your parents must have got your vaccination done on time that’s why you are super healthy today. While a baby develops his immune system these vaccinations act as a boost and give them longer immunity.
  6. Vaccines are safe. Very few vaccines have side effects and mostly not because they are made after years of research. Vaccines have mild symptoms and are much less severe than the diseases they prevent.
  7. You can’t afford to be sick. Vaccines prevent diseases like hepatitis which prevails later in life. If initially your child gets vaccinated chances are they’ll not develop these diseases. They’ll work well and their health will be at the optimal level.

In today’s busy life, we all have a lot of work and responsibilities and we can’t be falling sick. Just like your parents vaccinated you, you also make sure to get your children vaccinated for their well-being.

Our NGO in Dehradun assists and educates families about immunisation. Participate in our campaigns and if you want to provide help to others, become a volunteer of the best NGO in Dehradun, SAMARPAN.

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