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Diwali is the festival of lights, hope, happiness and blessings. The triumph of Light over darkness is what this festival symbolizes. This time, do justice to the theme of the festival and do something good that brightens up someone’s Diwali. 

In our country, we celebrate all the festivals with a lot of excitement and lively spirit. But, inequality in economic status is huge, which leads to different experiences for different people. Don’t you think we can share our blessings with other needy people? For instance, you can give charity to any NGO working for a cause you want to contribute for.

In today’s write up, we’ll tell you about seven things you can do this Diwali for social good. So, let’s start with the first one:

1- Donate clothes

We are much more privileged than we think we are. There are many people out on the streets who wear the same old torn clothes and can’t even think to buy a new set. If you have old clothes in good condition, then you must donate them. If you can purchase new clothing sets for children as it will make them really happy. You can also visit any NGO in Dehradun to donate clothes and help people.

2- Distribute food

During festivals, most of the households have extra food cooked for family and friends; much of it goes to waste. Instead of throwing the remaining food away, you can distribute the food to the underprivileged. Around you, there will be many people on the streets who go to sleep with an empty stomach. So, share food, share festivities. You can also reach out to the best NGO and ask them if they allow food distribution.

3- Animal protection

Diwali is not complete without fireworks and crackers. It makes street animals and our pets anxious. On your part, you can provide shelter to the dogs and cats in your locality by building a temporary shelter for their safety. Caress your pets, and don’t leave them alone during Diwali.

4- Do charity

Another way to illuminate someone’s day is by doing charity. NGOs are organizations that help large masses, and by donating to them you can impact many lives. Children and women are the most sensitive group of our society; donating to an NGO on Dehradun which works for women and children might change lives.

5- Save the environment

This Diwali tries to become more environmentally friendly and avoid bursting crackers. Crackers cause noise and air pollution that also affects people with respiratory diseases. Be responsible and cut down on unnecessary activities. Join the environmental campaigns held by the best NGOs in Dehradun to conserve the environment.  Go green and plant trees. Try to save the environment and try to keep your surroundings clean.

6- Blood donation

Blood donation is a sacred deed. Your donated blood can give someone life. Go to the nearest blood bank and donate blood. There are many incidents when people need blood, for instance, accidents. So, this Diwali donates blood to save a life.

7- Do organ donation registration

Lastly, we would suggest organ donation. This Diwali, register yourself as an organ donor and let your remains do some more deeds. After death, our organs stay alive for a short period in which you can donate your organs to other people. You can be a light of hope for someone who has lost it, even after you leave this place.

Hoping you all will do some kind of charity this Diwali. You can also reach out to our NGO in Dehradun, Samarpan Society. We work for the upliftment of women and children. Your efforts and donation can change lives.

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